Born between generations, Brendan Bush is a technologically inclined luddite. A product manager for a digital marketing firm by day, he paints as a way to unplug and re-connect to the physical world. Brendan is a recovering misanthrope, aspiring biophiliac and seeker of self.

Brendan lives in Burlington, VT with his partner Rachel and their dog Brewster.

Artist Statement

My paintings explore color and movement as a form of deeply emotional expressionism. I eschew the concept of a consistent aesthetic, instead choosing to let experimentation with process, application and immersion in mood drive an ever-evolving style.

I create art to convey and examine my discomfort with the fundamental dualities of freedom and confinement, of acceptance and rejection, of clarity and confusion, of anger and exaltation.


Events & Exhibitions

  • City Market, South End (solo show) – March, April 2019 – Burlington, VT
  • “From Natural To Abstraction” (group show) – March – May 2019 – Burlington, VT
  • Amherst Town Library (solo show) – February 2019 – Amherst, NH
  • ArtsRiot Holiday Artist Market (vendor) – Dec. 20, 2018 – Burlington, VT
  • Magic Hat Brewing (solo show) –  Nov. 2018 – Jan. 2019
     – Burlington, VT
  • South End Art Hop (multiple group shows) – Sept. 2018
     – Burlington, VT
  • SEABA Member’s Show | VCAM (group show) – June, July, August 2018 – Burlington, VT
  • South End Art Hop (multiple group shows) – Sept. 2017
     – Burlington, VT