A product manager for a digital marketing firm by day, Brendan paints as a way to unplug and re-connect to the physical world. Brendan is a recovering misanthrope, aspiring biophiliac and seeker of self.

Brendan lives in Burlington, VT with his partner Rachel.

Artist Statement

I make art to feel, to forgive, to accept, and to love myself. Painting provides my heart a voice where words are insufficient. Painting allows me to define and inhabit myself.

I grew up between generations, ably digital but innately analog. I like to touch and feel. I long for extended full-body hugs. But I learned from a young age to suppress my emotions.

Creating art was the puzzle piece it took me 35 years to find. It is how I fight against the digitization of my humanity and breathe life into my corporeal form.

Painting gives me permission to feel anger because I can make it physical – I can look at it, name it, and release it. It gives me permission to feel sadness—clearing my head space enough that I can meditate on loss that I would otherwise force myself to ignore. Painting allows me to feel glee, to accept relief, to release, and to examine myself both critically and forgivingly.

Painting opens my vast and arid self to much needed rain.

My abstract creations represent an urgent itch – an endless compulsion to stay in motion. They squirm, burst, and urge with a potent, restless release. I enjoy creating works that challenge a viewer to embrace confusion, to submit to a visual hallucination, and to disrupt the linear thoughts dictated by their animal brain.

Events & Exhibitions

2020 Stay Home / Stay Safe (group exhibition) | Burlington City Arts | Burlington, VT

2020 Dealer.com (solo exhibition) | Burlington, VT

2020 Innovation Center (solo exhibition) | Burlington, VT

2020 Speeder & Earl’s (solo exhibition) | Burlington, VT

2019 South End Art Hop (S.P.A.C.E. Gallery Group Show) | Burlington, VT

2019 SEABA Member’s Show | VCAM | Burlington, VT

2019 Ri Ra Patio Competition (Live Mural Painting) | Burlington, VT

2019 City Market, South End (solo exhibition) | Burlington, VT

2019 “From Natural To Abstraction” (group show) | VCAM | Burlington, VT

2019 Amherst Town Library (solo show) | Amherst, NH

2018 ArtsRiot Holiday Artist Market (vendor) | Burlington, VT

2018 Magic Hat Brewing (solo show) | Burlington, VT

2018 South End Art Hop (multiple group shows) | Burlington, VT

2018 SEABA Member’s Show | VCAM | Burlington, VT

2017 South End Art Hop (multiple group shows) | Burlington, VT